Full Service - Qualitative & Quantitative


We don’t just sell insights, we sell growth


Full Service - Qualitative & Quantitative


Methodology based on client’s objectives because one size doesn’t fit all


In the moment and real time research


Artificial Intelligence methodologies


Cross cultural research


Our real point of differentiation

Objective driven approaches as “one size does not fit all



Our Mission: Help clients grow their brands

Partner as trusted advisors to your business.

Recommend the right approach based on your objectives to identify deep insights with powerful recommendations.

Deliver a complete and deep understanding of your consumer and business. 

Provide maximum value as we do not only sell insights, we sell growth.


Ingenium has worked with clients across multiple industries and various Fortune500 companies


Full-service (qualitative & quantitative)

Depending on your needs and objectives, we conduct…


Qualitative Approaches:

Focus Groups, In-Home, Shop Along, Ethnography, In-Depth Interviews, Semiotics, Desk Research

Quantitative Approaches:

Online Surveys, Central location tests

Hybrid Approaches:

Quanti-Quali Insights Mix


In the Moment:

Mobile Ethnography (in-home and shop-along), E-Commerce

Real Time:

Q+Q Survey, Automated surveys, AI Focus groups (up to 100 respondents)

Social Listening:

AI Text Mining Analysis, Semioanalitics


 Key Quantitative Solutions

Depending on your budget we can combine any of them with a qualitative approach


We can also help you understand a wide variety of

segments and demographics


Ingenium Research is a one stop shop for your

Cross Cultural research projects

• It is important to recognize that the market is composed of a very diverse mainstream in addition to individual ethnic audiences.

• A Cross Cultural strategy does not mean that one size fits all. On the contrary, a Cross Cultural Strategy is an inclusive approach that recognizes the importance of different segments and ethnicities.

• Let us help you to effectively understand your Cross Cultural spectrum.

Cross Cultural

 Who we are


Maria Parra

Principal & Qualitative Lead

Maria has 20 years of experience in qualitative marketing research. She has conducted research in the U.S. and in Latin America. In 2010, Maria started Ingenium Research, where she has had the opportunity to help various Fortune 500 companies understand diverse audiences. She currently serves clients that represent a wide variety of industries such as CPG, financial services, entertainment, communications, health insurance, packaging, etc. in the U.S. and in Latin America.


Laura Reyes

Quantitative Lead

With over 13 years of experience helping clients in different countries achieve brand success, Laura is able to quickly develop deep understanding, diagnose and strategize solutions, and drive decision making to improve the consumer experience.  Laura employs global trends analysis and conducts primary and secondary research using the latest analytical tools and data mining. She has broad experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies and consultancy, collaborating with and presenting to Marketing teams, R&D and C-level.


Catalina Mutis

New Opportunities Lead & Senior Moderator

Catalina brings 20 years of experience in marketing research and client relations.  As an accomplished market researcher and consumer psychologist, Catalina has led research programs both in the USA and Latin America for diverse categories such as food, beverage, media, cigarettes, cars, beauty products, financial services, healthcare, Internet, telecommunications, among others .


Ana María Rueda

Design Lead

Ana Maria is an Industrial Designer with experience in creating innovation processes, brand design and illustration, corporate communications, web design, and graphic design in general. She has the ability to transform concepts and ideas into great visuals and unique user experiences. Ana has led the transformation in our deliverables.


Fiama Neme

Field Lead

Fiama has more than 15 years in the marketing research realm, with great ability to direct and coordinate all aspect of the research process collaborating with clients developing research studies both in the United State and Latin America.

Her extensive years of experience have allowed her to recognize the best methodologies for coordinating both quantitative and qualitative research studies, leading clients to understand the multicultural consumer market.


Santiago Parra

Video Lead

Santiago has specialized on editing videos since 2005. Along the way, he has collaborated in the edition and sound tracks of independent films (Carrusel la Pelicula, Bolaetrapo and Blue Family), and advertising ads in Colombia, including Coca Cola, Renault, Visa, Kokoriko, among others.

Santiago joined Ingenium in 2012 and currently supports the edition of videos in-house. He is an expert in finding the most relevant insights captured from fieldwork and creating impactful video reports that may include English subtitles for clients that are not fluent in Spanish and even sound track if needed.


 Experience that we bring to the table


> 20 Years of Experience

> 1,500 Projects (both qualitative and quantitative)

Local and International: U.S., Central and South America (including Brazil).

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Maria Lucia Parra
Principal – Qualitative Lead